30 Second Exposure of New Orleans

My company, Hardly Square, was hired to consult, take landscape photography, and create Flash content for Saint Bernard Parish’s new website. St. Bernard was the hardest hit region of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. It contains the lower ninth ward. It is a tragedy what happened down there. That area is a disaster. Not to make light of the situation, but you could film one hell of a post apocalyptic movie there. You wouldn’t have to use cheesy graphics like ‘I am Legend’ did. Anyways, we (Americo, Josh and I) went out at 3 in the morning to capture some long exposure shots for ourselves. The photographs were taken with a 30 second exposure by my brother, Josh Sullivan. The pictures look sort of bright, but it was pitch black out. It is amazing how much moon light is let in with a 30 second exposure.

This Sears one we went inside and use a remote flash.

NOTE: There are no Photoshop filters used in these photographs.



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4 responses to “30 Second Exposure of New Orleans

  1. Desolate and eerie. And truly great images. Josh, excellent work as usual.

  2. Print these out HUGE then hang them up in a museum.

  3. peterjsullivan

    Sarah: You’re right. Josh has been specializing in Night Photography for years now.

    Devin: I would love to see these 30 feet wide!… & on my wall.

  4. chad

    simply AMAZING!!!
    great job

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