“Just Use Drugs”

My good friend Owen Lang created this video for Edgar Cayce’s song “Just Use Drugs”. It is a brilliant parody on the popular Zoloft commercial. The song’s message is also goofing on the idea that if you aren’t feeling right just take Zoloft. This of course is not the best alternative, but is a message we see all too often in America’s pharmaceutical commercials. 

“Hey, I’m not happy all the time. Maybe I need Zoloft? Thank God for this commercial telling me I need to take drugs.”



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4 responses to ““Just Use Drugs”

  1. Soncho

    “[…] you know there are son many experts in drug addiction, that I think if we made a survey we would find more experts than addicts.”
    Harry J. Anslinger (1957)

  2. Right on! We are breeding an over-medicated society and it’s not healthy. We’re going to end up with zombie babies.

  3. peterjsullivan

    Soncho: That is a great quote. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that there are more experts than addicts.

    Sarah: Zombie babies?! That sounds like an awesome B movie.

  4. I’ll try Zoloft at least once.

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