Worst Disaster

If not the worst…




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7 responses to “Worst Disaster

  1. Wes McKay

    Pearl Hardor was very, very bad. ( 2,500 )
    Sept. 11, 2001 was even worse. ( 3,000 )
    since 9/11 we have lost approx. 5,000 soldiers.
    But the worst disaster?
    illegal immigration by far!
    since 9/11 we have lost approx, 60,000 civilians.
    illegal aliens kill on the average of 23 American civilians every day in traffic accidents, robberies
    assaults, rapes, home invasions and murder!
    23 per day= 690 per mo.= 8,280 per year.
    so, what is the real “worst disaster” in America?
    They are 4% of the population
    They commit 40% plus of the crimes.
    Do the math, and think about it !

  2. peterjsullivan

    Devin: Yeah kinda a Freudian slip.

    Wes: If you are going to drop stats like that could you please leave a source. I’ll address this once you give me a reliable source. Appreciate it.

  3. Listen up racist. Let’s take a look at your name. McKay… Is that Scottish/Irish? Could you possibly be a descendant of Scottish immigrants from the 18th century? You must be totally fucking dumb to the prejudice or discrimination that your people had to endure. For you to drop these numbers, that are most likely conjured up by other racists, it is totally inappropriate and a disgrace to your heritage.

  4. Max

    This country is founded on immigrants. If there was not a need for immigrants, they would not be here. I certainly have seen these people work, and they ARE NOT sitting around on their asses. Most are working 3+ jobs, making your food, cleaning your hotel, washing your car. They are working harder than you, Wes, I can guarantee that. The fact is, just because these are not ‘white immigrants’ does not make them less of people or dangerous. They are the American dream. 150 years ago, Amercia could have become recluse and stopped letting people in, and your family would’ve died from lack of potatoes. There is an issue with immigration, basically our rules are broken because they are not true to the supply and demand America needs. Wes, your attitude and fake stats are causing false outrage and are focused on biting the hand that is feeding you… Literally.

  5. Wes’s numbers are most likely way off, but the fact remains that there is a huge problem. This isn’t the 18th century and PJ would be the first to agree that policies need to change with the times. Our country is being invaded and our border security is still weak eight years after 9/11. Wes might just be a racist, a strong accusation, but his opinion counts just like yours and mine. Why should we be ashamed to want to keep our country strong?

  6. peterjsullivan

    Sean: I agree that policies need to change with the times. Flexibility is always good. It is amazing that USA can pitch a war in Iraq on national security emotional appeals, but we have less national guard and a swiss cheese border at present. And yes our system is broken. I’m all for Mexican labor. But they need to pay taxes too. I just sent in my 3rd quarter check to Uncle Sam, OUCH.

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