Global Warming Isn’t Real My Dick!

SHIT! I knew this day was coming. Not only is global warming real but it is melting our ice caps into massive cocks. No wonder polar bears are becoming extinct. I would be pissed if my habitat was turning into a dick too. I mean isn’t bad enough that it is freezing up there all the time? Now they have to hang out with hundreds of huge ice dicks. As Devin stated, “At least it’s a halfie. If it was fully erect that would really suck.” That’s why Devin is so great. He’s always looking at the glass half full. Anymore ice melts and we’ll be looking at the glass spilling over.



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4 responses to “Global Warming Isn’t Real My Dick!

  1. mtr132

    God made a dick joke!

  2. peterjsullivan

    mtr132: God has a great sense of humor.

    Reuben: I knew you’d find this funny. How’s PA?

  3. Eggman

    One more ….. A sign from god that we’re screwed! Speaking of polar bears… and things being” hot”…..try this game.

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