Obama Waffles?

I found these images of Obama Waffles at Max Rudy’s Blog.

“These waffles were for sale at a GOP event featuring Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  This event, ironically enough, was the Values Voters Summit.” 

Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles??? That’s tasteless. Republicans should stay away from making jokes. Anyone ever see that rip-off conservative Daily Show? Awful!



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4 responses to “Obama Waffles?

  1. peak9

    If this is legitimate, as a conservative, I find this abhorrent.

  2. Oh please. Oh please.We live in a free country. Freedom of Speech. Ever heard of it? And Freedom like that sure as hell ain’t free. McCain was a POW while Barack Hussein Obama was still going to school at the Madarssa.

  3. peterjsullivan

    Peak: I know you are a conservative. I respect your stance as it is not riddled with fallacies like most conservatives. Actually, I believe in a lot of financial conservative philosophies. But the Bush Administration and a potential McCain administration will just say what you want to hear and then do what they want. Like drain our economy .

    Roger: I 100% agree with freedom of speech and I don’t think that the people who did these Obama Waffles should be censored at all. Just bad taste, like you spreading lies about “Madarssa” (how you spelled it).

  4. This is so tasteless, you could use Vermont’s finest maple syrup and it would still be as unpalatable as a Sarah Palin pop-tart.

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