EXIT Enterprises First Release

Exit Enterprises is a Baltimore based music collective that got their start by throwing underground parties. The spot’s entrance was a doorway in an alley with a glowing Exit sign above the door. These parties were advertised through word of mouth.

“Just look for the glowing Exit Sign behind St. Paul street.”

The parties grew and eventually were moved to Sonar, one of the biggest clubs in Baltimore. No longer throwing parties, the collective has been busy building their discography and starting their own label. Below is a sample of my favorite song on their new release “Holdin On”:


You can purchase songs from their new release at Stompy.com.

Exit’s Statement on the EP:

We’re proud to announce the first release on our label, featuring the legendary DJ/producer, Anyo of Melbourne. Also featured on this first release is Baltimore’s very own, Exit,  have music been featured on DJ mixes around the globe, such are Roger Sanchez’ show – Release Yourself as well as John Digweed’s Transitions radio show. Exit’s music can be heard on mixes from DJs like James Curd, Mark Farina, Diz, Inland Knights, Littlemen and even Derrick Carter.

This is a Flyer cover I designed with EXIT (Devin & Josh). As you can see these guys have a sense of humor:



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4 responses to “EXIT Enterprises First Release

  1. You can hear us playing this track live in this video:

  2. Congratulations! I’m so impressed!

  3. peterjsullivan

    Devin: Thanks for the link. This was your gig in Montreal?

    Sarah: Yea! Remember those underground parties? Good times. Yall are the reason those parties were so fun.

  4. The gig was so much fun. We played at Salon Daomé for Kinjo Session with Dave Allison. We met so many friendly people up there. I can’t wait to get back up there for round two.

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