Obama is Such an Elitist

Thanks Joe for pointing out this chart comparing McCain and Obama’s assets from Things Younger Than Republican Canidate (Oh, and did I forget to mention war hero?) John McCain

That Obama is such an elitist!  Only elitists drive hybrids…



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7 responses to “Obama is Such an Elitist

  1. Ok. Let’s go back pre-house counting, vehicle listing, America. On what grounds do Republicans label Obama an elitist. Somebody give me and this blog a refresher. Because seems like there’s some sort of a mix-up. Thanks.

  2. Lucas Deans

    I’m curious if this count includes cars that are McCain’s kids. He does have a plethora of them.

    Obama is not an elitist he gets the label from Republicans who are trying to tell people he acts better and smarter than them and that makes him an elitist. In my personal opinion I want a president to act smarter and better than me. They did the same thing to John Kerry versus George W. Bush. But Kerry made too many mistakes for falling into the traps of the Rove machine.

    Don’t worry though Obama is going to have another house soon. The White House!

  3. peak9

    All I can say is that John McCain needs to do an MTV Cribs episode, ’cause he be rollin’ in it.

  4. What this article doesn’t include is the size of the million dollar mansion Obama lives in. It just says the numbers of houses. And look, McCain owns a Prius hybrid car NOT and SUV. Many Americans own more than one car per household so this propaganda you are spreading is just clouding the issues. McCain is obviously more experienced and more dedicated to public service. His record is clear. Since this blog seems to be crawling with a small group of young, idealist, liberal extremists, you might want to see this interview of what the majority of Americas think. Fox News, a fair and balanced view on politics offers a fresh perspective.

  5. What this article (purposely) fails to mention is the the actual SIZE of the million dollar mansion that Obama lives in. You just say how many houses he owns. Also, McCain owns a Prius hybrid NOT an gas guzzling SUV like Obama. It is not uncommon to find many American families that own multiple cars. This kind of propaganda is just clouding the issues. McCain is more qualified for the presidency. You can’t get more crystal clear than this fact: He has many more years experience than his opponent. I think you’ll find a fresh perspective of what young Americans REALLY THINK (not just this small community of idealist, liberal, extremist, tree hugging, hippie bloggers) on a more fair and balanced media channel, FOX NEWS.

  6. peterjsullivan

    Haha! Charles or should I call you Charlie… or maybe I should call you Roger. Keep posting on my blog from your Republican SPAM blog. All your links link back to your Young Republicans site. And this double post is a testament to your cookie cutter response, as expected. Same ol’ same ol’ from you guys. Good thing McCain has you guys hitting up the internet, or as he calls it the World Wide Web. Cause we all know he wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to. He can’t even check his email. Have you taught him how to text message yet?

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