The Sarah Palin Name Generator is Finally Here!

Ever wonder what your name would be if you were Sarah Palin‘s kid? Of course you have. Well, wait no longer “My Friends”. 

The Sarah Palin Name Generator 

It keeps the same name too. You can’t get a new name if you enter twice. Just like Sarah it doesn’t blink. It is never wrong. 

Big Thanks to Owen for showing me this. You’ve made my dreams come true.



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15 responses to “The Sarah Palin Name Generator is Finally Here!

  1. The name’s Palin, Steam Fang Palin.

  2. Fire Patriot Palin (AKA The Americanized Miguel)

    Hell yeah!

  3. Hello everyone my name is Bush Gator Palin.

  4. I now pronounce myself Moonshine Froth Palin…
    Hmmm… didn’t know you could ferment moose milk.

  5. Lucas Deans

    stake shed palin

  6. Owen

    ahem, call me “Meat Notgay Palin”

  7. peterjsullivan

    My name would be Tingle Jig Palin.

  8. Sean

    My name is Buster Taint Palin.
    “What’d ya do last night, Buster Taint?”
    “That’s right.”

  9. My Palin name is “Icepick Motor Palin”. I Googled it… seems that there are more than 100 Icepick Motors living in Alaska. This name generator is spot on!

  10. Ryan Delma

    My name is Package Witchita Palin.
    “What a big Package”

  11. johnnyamericasr

    Strike Chipper Palin. Love it.

    Vote McCain! It is the right thing to do.

  12. Steve T.

    All of this Sarah Palin/woman bashing is going to blow up in your liberal face. She has EXECUTIVE experience, which is way more than you can say about Obama. She is a what every liberal dreams a woman should be, but she does it as a conservative, so what do you resort to? Making fun of her kids.

  13. okan a.

    My name is Palin, Rot Pipeline Palin.

    PS: Steve T, just go away. just go..

  14. Soncho

    why didn’t my parents came up with: Knife Pile Palin?!

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