More Vintage Package Design Archives

Recently, I posted an article that linked to some amazing package design archives. I’ve found some more image archives that include: 

sardine can labels

orange crate labels 

lemon crate labels 

apple crate labels

pear crate labels

vegetable crate labels

tobacco labels

seed packets 

And a whole lot more! 

If you are a designer you may want to bookmark these. They can be a very good source of inspiration for certain projects. Here is a LINK to the older post that had some great vintage ad images too.



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6 responses to “More Vintage Package Design Archives

  1. peak9

    Nice list of design resources Peter.

  2. Crucial find, Peter. I’ll definitely be appropriating some of these designs in the near future.

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  4. peterjsullivan

    Peak: Thanks. Share the wealth right?

    Devin: Appropriating is just a nice way of saying stealing 🙂

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  6. Golden trims are sexy

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