McCain Lies to Letterman

In case you missed it. John McCain canceled on Letterman to fly back to Warshington to save the economy. But then is caught giving another interview. What exactly is McCain going to bring to the table in Washington anyhow? Coffee? He stated himself he knows nothing about the economy. This is about as useless as asking McCain how to change your password in Gmail.



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5 responses to “McCain Lies to Letterman


  2. Owen

    “…about as useless as asking mccain how to change your password in gmail.”


  3. peterjsullivan

    Devin: Yes it is. What’s not hilarious is that this guy is neck and neck with one of the most influential politicians since JFK.

    Owen: Even my 98 year old grandmother knows how to check email. She calls the Internet the Intercom, but still…

  4. peak9

    John McCain, along with every other career politician in Washington, is part of the problem.

    Sarah Palin for President.

  5. Peak!! I think we should re-staff US Embassies with all of Alaska’s PTA members. It’s all about the small town values!!!! I’ve heard some talk about putting Palin on a three dollar bill (if elected, of course)!

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