Sarah Palin’s Swimsuit Competition

Here is Sarah Palin‘s swimsuit competition:

Found this video on The Mobtown Shank

Shank You very much… Bad Joke, good blog.



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9 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Swimsuit Competition

  1. Hans

    so I wonder if Margaret Thatcher, Andrea Merkel or Christina Kitchener (ARG) let alone any of the other female national “presidents” had to go through beauty pageants prior to being elected?

  2. Soncho

    remember beach-superman… McCain could go the same way and would have a baywatch babe on his side *lol*

  3. Soncho

    her name is angela, not andrea…

  4. Hans

    yer right my bad 🙂

  5. peak9

    The moderator said Sarah has displayed leadership.

  6. peterjsullivan

    Hans: Probably. It’s a huge part of being a Vice President, along with long walks on the beach.

    Soncho: Haha! Yeah that Superman tattoo was intense. Who does that??

    Peak: I don’t know about leadership… but she sure does have quite the rack.

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  9. peak9

    Sure, she even said she did.

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