John McCain is Your Jalopy

Want endless fun? Laughter that fills the room?

Go to John McCain is Your Jalopy. Here’s an example of old man facts you can picture for McCain:



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2 responses to “John McCain is Your Jalopy

  1. Donald

    Obama supporters are starting to really creep me out. Not even Hitler had such a following as Obama. Another true analogy – the media AND the web censor out anti-obama blogs. Wake up and smell the coffee. Something stinks bad about this guy.

  2. peterjsullivan

    Donald: I think it is that America was screwed for the past 8 years by your party. We aren’t havin’ it anymore. You are the minority now. And for good reason. Wake up and smell the coffee… Republicans are toast, unless you steal this one too. Imagine if Gore was our president and there wasn’t any GW. I don’t think we would be in half of the mess we are in now.

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