These Bailouts Stink

So AIG just went on a $440,000 corporate retreat on our tab. Must be nice. If I got a 85 billion dollar bailout I would throw a huge party too. Check out the receipt from the St. Regis Monarch Beach Spa! Seriously click the link below.

Itemized Receipt 

Now I’m reading that Wachovia has just donated 8 million dollars to John McCain’s campaign! This whole thing stinks of keeping the people currently in power, in power. The past 8 years the US administration has been syphoning the American taxpayers dollars into the most powerful people’s pockets. Whether it is bank bailouts or no bid military contracts, it all stinks. Enjoy peeping out that itemized receipt. It’s almost laughable what these people get away with.



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2 responses to “These Bailouts Stink

  1. peak9

    Our government works for itself. It is why we need campaign term limits.

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