Palin As President

Check out the interactive site It is full of fun finds. Explore.

Thanks Owen!



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3 responses to “Palin As President

  1. Eggman

    By golly PJ she’s a moose skinner, don’t ya’ know. But that round thing to the left ain’t no globe , no sir, it’s a big marble. See, god made the earth flat so Sarah can see those ruskies out her kitchen window when she does the dishes, don’t ya’ know….she an expert by watchin’ them suckers all the time. Ahy; she’s a pisser!

  2. charlieOH

    i find it ironic that they have a web game that puts governor sarah palin in the oval office, when it is obama that is clearly measuring the drapes. this election is mccain vs obama, get over your prepubescent palin obsession.

  3. peterjsullivan

    Eggman: Hahaha!

    Charlie: Oh come on. It is so fun making fun of Sarah Palin. Hopefully Obama pics out some sweet drapes when he’s elected!

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