This is What Obama is Up Against (Part 2)

Recently I posted an article called This is What Obama is Up Against that featured a video of some pretty ignorant people. Well, here’s round two.

Thanks Max for the find.



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7 responses to “This is What Obama is Up Against (Part 2)

  1. Great find. Unfortunately the majority of the bible belt thinks this way. The electoral college system is flawed in this way, and should be dissolved. People are so ignorant and idiotic still to this day because they are so uninformed and cut off from the rest of the world. It’s just very sad and maddening at the same time.

  2. USA3

    leading questions and muslim bias. aljazeera is a terrorist network broadcast in english as muslim propaganda trying to hide thefact that obama attended a madrasa

  3. Alex

    Wow! Do you think they knew they were being interviewed by Al Jazeera?

  4. peterjsullivan

    Matt: It is unfortunate that our leaders are constantly being chosen by issues like abortion and gay marriage.

    USA3: I was waiting for the ignorant ‘terrorist network’ comment. Thanks.

    Alex: I don’t think these people know much…

  5. Bob

    dude that video is from Al Jazeera!

    Thats scary

  6. USA3

    have you seen where al jazeera gets their funding from? no? whiney left wing nutjobs love to lob the “ignorant” label over the wall to conservative folks, but are less informed. do you know where al jazeera gets their money? would you like an “ignorant” patriot to tell you? or would you like to remain ignorant about the origin of the propaganda on your blog?

    “you’re welcome”

  7. peterjsullivan

    Bob: This video is definitely scary. It is scary that people in our country think these things. It is scary that they vote.

    USA3: You said twice “Do you know where al jazeera gets its money” but didn’t say where. I’ll tell you where. It is a television network based out of Qatar. This country is a US ally. Just because it is Arabic doesn’t mean it is terrorist. Here, read up.

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