Obama Bucks???

Apparently a San Bernardino County Republican group has distributed a newsletter picturing Barack Obama on a $10 bill adorned with a watermelon, ribs, a bucket of KFC and my favorite drink mascot the Kool Aid pitcher. This might just top the Obama Waffles

This is what Diane Fedele, the person who sent out the newsletter, had to say in her defense, “I didn’t see it the way that it’s being taken. I never connected,” she said. “It was just food to me.” 

This is total bullshit and if it isn’t she has a terrible diet.


Here is a LINK to the groups website. Check out some of the comments.

Owen yet again on top of things floating around the internet. Thanks!



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4 responses to “Obama Bucks???

  1. Joe

    Can you even use food stamps at KFC?

  2. mtr132

    I love KFC. And Ribs. And Kool Aid. So what?

  3. peterjsullivan

    Joe: I’m not sure. But you can always sell your food stamps. Obama Bucks are probably worth more than dollars at this point.

    Mtr132: What’s your favorite Kool Aid? Mine was Purplesaurous Rex as a kid.

  4. Owen

    “…and if it isn’t she has a terrible diet.”

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