John McCain’s RoboCalls

Is this what it has boiled down to? Sad…



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4 responses to “John McCain’s RoboCalls

  1. USA3

    freedom of expression is sad, isn’t it peter?

    In the real america where values and freedom matter, people are free to talk about whatever they want, and I for one am concerned that no one really knows the extent of barack hussein obama’s connection to domestic terrorist William Ayers. beyond his bombings Ayers is a radical left wing liberal, whose ideas for education are tantamount to the Four cleanups Movement in China. Socialist brainwashing. go ahead, have another sip of the koolaid.

  2. peterjsullivan

    USA3: Man, I love you. Thank you for proving your party’s insanity over and over again. You are so right. Freedom of speech is very important. So please keep posting your out of touch comments on my blog. I thoroughly enjoy your teachings.

    P.S. Can I use your Obama Bucks to purchase the Kool Aid?

  3. peterjsullivan

    USA3: I came across this just now. I think you’ll like it.

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