The Sock Dollar

I just had the worst/funniest experience of the year… I was at the Save A Lot grocery store down the street from my house in Baltimore. It’s a pretty ghetto grocery store, but I only needed oil. I was waiting in the always huge line and the line moves extremely slow here. About 3 people ahead of me was this barely alive guy buying a whole bunch of junk food. He hands the cashier a wad of cash and the cashier slowly sorts through the crumbled mess. She says, “You’re short one dollar, Hon.” The man moans and then precedes to takes his shoe off… reaches into his off-white sock and yanks out the extra dollar. Gross! Who puts their money in their sock? Then the two people ahead of me couldn’t figure out the self swipe credit card machine, taking forever. So I, being the smart fellow I am, decide to pay in cash and get the hell out as fast of possible. I hand the cashier a 20 and she hands me back a wad of crumbled cash. And upon taking it I immediately notice there is one wet sock dollar. Yep, I got the sock dollar. Ugh… 

If this wasn’t such a great story to tell for the next couple days I would be extremely pissed off. You never know where your bills have been. So be careful.




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4 responses to “The Sock Dollar

  1. I had someone in front of me at that store drop what must have been $500 in crack in one of those lines. hah, glad to see it hasn’t changed much.

    Oh, and btw, their 10 microwave bean burritos are a steal as long as you add a ton of hot sauce to them.

  2. Owen

    it’s better than a nut dollar

  3. peterjsullivan

    The sock dollar is back in circulation now. BEWARE!

  4. Devin

    it will make a perfect stocking stuffer this christmas.

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