Race Game


I think I just found out what I’m doing for the next 100 hours… trying to beat my brother’s high score in this game. He just blew me away with his 25.9 meter run! Seriously, this game had me laughing out loud. My brother had to come down to see what was up. Then he proceeded to smash my record…


Post your scores. I’m interesed to see if you’re as bad as me at this.



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4 responses to “Race Game

  1. I made it an amazing 1.7 m.

  2. i just got 100.1 meters BOOM SHANKA!!! at 50 meters in there is a surprise. only i would know that.

  3. I am strong like Dan Quayle

    i just ran 828.12 meters

  4. peterjsullivan

    I would just like to say this game has taken over my household. 3 of my roommates have been excessively playing it. It has gotten so bad that it is now being projected on the big screen TV for all to see. Taunting and bragging ensues.

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