Michael Moore on Larry King Live: Auto Bailout

These Auto Bailouts stink too…

What else stinks?



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4 responses to “Michael Moore on Larry King Live: Auto Bailout

  1. Dear; Mr. Larry King I live in Hampton, VA. 23605 and I have been to the car dealership to try to trade in my SUV Chev. Trail Blazer LT to get a midsize or smaller car I owe $12,006.74,and to if I can to bring my monthly payment down to I file bankruptcy in March of 2007, and I went to the RK Toyota dealership , the Bodwitch Ford dealership here in Hampton, VA. and they said that they could not help me and my wife with the trade in of our Chev. Trail Blazer LT and now we have the three major car and trucks dealer asking the American people to bail them out and I could not get a loan to bail me and my wife out for $12,006.74 how many times can $12,006.74 go in to $34,000,000,000,000.00, if they can bail me and my wife out of our problem then why should the American people bail them out, I can not get a loan and they should not get a loan, please respond back to by reading this on the news air TV and let the congress no that the people are having problem getting loans from the dealerships in America.

  2. Carol

    The auto companies should go bankrupt.
    A bailout is a very dangerous precedent.
    How many other industries will follow this example ? The resilence of people and business to regroup or reorganize are unlimited . All this is happening for a reason. Time to let them go under and allow new innovative enterprises
    to prevail.

  3. Robert Brimm

    Larry, I am from Pontiac Michigan right in the heart of the automtive industry. This industry employess a large percentage of this state and most Mid West states for that matter. I am a engineer in this industry and my father worked more than 30 years for GM before retiring. Just recently GM cut his health benfits after 30 years of work while he is in his Mid 70’s . I was laid off from an automtive supplier, after comming back from materney leave. I am currnelty without work with a new house, new baby and no health insurance. I am not apposed of the bail out, but I am totally against any more job cutting. This employee cutting as a line item to save money while you ask the same tax payers to loan you money is insutlting. The US auto makers have showed no alliance to the same people of this nation that they now want money from. GM, along with the other car companies have shipped many of are jobs overseas in order to save on labor and avoid high union cost. These people that they lay off in the united states are the same Americans the purchase there cars. ENOUGH! with job layoff from the Big Three and all there mayjor suppliers as well. If you can’t show a propasal that will keep jobs for these automotive workers, then the Goverenment can’t ” SHOW YOU THE MONEY”! PERIOD! This is my feeling.

  4. peterjsullivan

    I couldn’t agree with you guys more. These bailouts stink. I don’t know why the banks received bailouts but the car industry doesn’t though. At least the car industries build products. And if they do give a break to the big 3 they better have some serious stipulations. Like increasing jobs for Americans and building fuel efficient vehicles.

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