The White House Website

Obama said there was going to be change and we were all wondering just how long it would actually take. He sure can speak a good game, but was it all talk? Well, yesterday at noon the White House’s official website was updated featuring the Obama agenda. Right out the gate we have a taste of some of the change Obama was preaching. Obama said that his administration would keep the people informed and transparent, this is proof positive. This site is extremely informative and allows the people to see what Obama and his administration are working on.

I didn’t even know that the White House had a website. Not only did they update the White House’s website but they properly advertised it. This is the kind of new thinking our country needs. We need an administration that understands how the current society functions. We need an administration that opens up new streams of revenue. There is even a section where you can sign up for community service. I could go on and on about how important a website can be, but I’ll save you the rant. But go check out the new site




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2 responses to “The White House Website

  1. I agree 100%, I was at only minutes after he was sworn in. It never occurred to me that there was a whitehouse website or to go to it. Now I am subscribed to the blog and friends with the whitehouse on twitter.

  2. hirenmodi

    wow fantastic updated whitehouse’s official website

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