Obama’s Inauguration

My friends and I braved the freezing cold, the over packed Metro and the mob of people on The Mall to see Obama’s Inauguration. It was well worth it. Sure we had to put a shoulder into some people to get into an overstuffed Metro… Well let me explain. We woke up at 5AM to make the early Metro at Vienna, waited in a huge line to board and then had to be exited off a broken train car mid-stream. And of course all the metros were filled by the time they got to us. Thankfully Joe is an ex-rugby player and taught us the technique called scrum. Before Obama’s speech I could hardly feel my toes. Once he started his speech I wasn’t even thinking about them. History was in the making and we were apart of it.

Here are some photos & videos taken by my friends and I:





Bush Getting Booed!


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  1. bluedogrising

    This article reminds me that we have come so far in so little time. Obama is an inspiring leader and I was grateful to be present at his inauguration. I have seen a lot of comments stating that as Americans people should not have booed Bush. I think that they have forgotten what it means to be Americans. I practice dissent were I believe it is needed. There is no doubt that Bush has broken the law and betrayed the trust of the country on many occasions. Look no further than the justice department for evidence of this. I am enclosing a link to the footage I took of Bush being booed at Obama’s inauguration. People look like they are just ready for Bush to go and I feel as they do. Bush Booed During Inauguration Link

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