2 Great Additions

This weekend we added two great products to our lives. One being the QuadCamera application for my iPhone and the other being Shocking Zaser Tag. Here is a picture using the QuadCamera of me sporting the Laser Tag gear. QuadCamera takes up to 8 pictures in a row at what ever time pace you set. Great for catching different poses or emotions.


QuadCamera can work in concert with QuadAnimator too. QuadAnimator takes your QuadCamera photo and animates in a Gif. 


Here is a video of the Shocking Laser Tag in action. This thing really shocks you! It’s great. We hunt each other now for fun. Here I am hunting Bryson.




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5 responses to “2 Great Additions

  1. Devin

    My life will never be the same.

  2. Soncho

    …but your laughter is great!

  3. it doesnt look like that much fun, i was expecting a dog collar shock

  4. n.

    jason says it’s broken already. you guys play hard!

  5. peterjsullivan

    Devin: No it won’t… if you keep getting shocked. You need to step up your game.

    Soncho: It’s full of laughs. Especially if you are spectating.

    Gator: Woof, woof!

    N.: Yes broke and reordered 2nd set. Devin actually broke it fleeing an Owen bumrush. Caught the wire on the banister.

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