My Energy Drink Addiction

You know you’re addicted to energy drinks when every time you get gas, or pass a gas station for that matter, you wonder what energy drinks they have. It has gotten to the point where I know which gas stations have which energy drinks. I don’t choose which gas station I go to by gas price anymore. I choose them by which energy drinks they have and if they have specials. Shit, I had to drink an energy drink just to write this. Coffee is great. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But there’s a different buzz I get from taurine.  I need… aaaa I mean I want that pick-me-up around 2:30pm to get me through my day of work.

And why don’t they advertise to this market? I’m not a rock star or a extreme X-Games athlete, or even want to be. I’m just your run of the mill working man that wants a taurine pick-me-up to wind out my workday. I wouldn’t feel so silly buying a can of “Productivity”. No, instead I have to buy “Monster!”. These things are more addictive than cigarettes. I know, I smoke too. So, cigarette companies can’t market to kids but energy drinks can? How’s that fair? I mean my heating bill went up this month and I broke it down in the number of energy drinks I just burnt. It’s getting out of control…. my heating bill that is. Not my energy drink addiction.

My personal preference is with the sugar free energy drinks. To put it simply, I prefer cancer over fat. Want a tip from a self-made expert?
Full Throttle Blue Demon with Blue Agave Flavor SUCKS
Sobe Adrenaline Rush DOESN’T SUCK
Rip It (Best for the price $1)


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15 responses to “My Energy Drink Addiction

  1. haha, I like the ones mixed with orange juice, it makes me feel a little better about the taurine. You have Rumba up there?

  2. peterjsullivan

    Reuben: I have seen Rumba before. But it’s not too popular up here. I actually just bought a new one Venom “Piercing Energy That Bites Back”. Not too shabby. Stupid marketing though.

    As for your bulk suggestion, that’s still $2 a pop. If you hit up the right corner stores or gas stations you can catch specials. I get mine for $1.50. You just gotta know your stuff.

    I was actually just talking to my brother about this. He has a case of Red Bull in the fridge. Total teeze. But yeah, that still breaks down to $1.66 and I don’t favor the small cans. I like a longer experience.

  3. nicole

    i feel like i am a savvier energy drink consumer today than when i first read this. i can now say with certainty that the SLURPEE variety of full throttle deserves its rightful place in this blog. 40 oz of the citrus flavor might be the ultimate springtime breakfast. also, word on the street is that the blue agave version comes in slurpee form as well and is much less horrible tasting than the can of the same flavor. that said, i can only vouch for the citrus so far.

    you might be inclined to think slurpee = sissy, but i say think again.

  4. peterjsullivan

    I have officially taste tested the Full Throttle Citrus Flavor at 7-11. Although excellent that taurine can be consumed in slurpee form, these do not pack the punch that you get from the can. But that might be do to the fact that I only braved the 20 oz…

  5. Josh

    I am doing a research project for high school on Monster Energy Drinks and i need to interview someone that is either addicted or knows a lot about them. If you are interested in being interviewed or would take a survey please email me.

  6. shwa

    pj we have to do something about your addiction. it has gone to far.

  7. Niki

    i dont know you but i think im addicted!
    haha & im only 13.
    but i have at least one energy drink a day.
    i walk to the gas station & buy AT LEAST one a day.
    yesterday i drank 3.
    (: haha oh well.
    you should try “venom.”
    no one really knows what it is.
    but its good. purple is the best.

  8. peterjsullivan

    Update: Wired Maximum X 3000 has the greatest kick. 3000 mg of taurine. Can be found at 711.

  9. this stuff is for kids.

  10. Casey

    No, Devin. This “stuff” is not for kids. I’ll tell you myself, energy drinks, I was never a fan, until one of my friends at the time introduced me to the Monster Energy Drink ( green ). I was 16 at the time and I am 18 today. When I was 16 and started out on Monster I was just, you know, having one everyday before work, to keep me focused. I would get the shakes but soon enough, I stopped getting them, it’s sort of like a heroin addiction.. you start at first to get high, but then before you know it, you take it to feel normal. I started to have more and more to the point I was having more than 3 a day. I am now 18 and since I had my first Monster I haven’t gone a day without one because of the fact it has caused me headaches since I developed a crazy caffeine addiction. And the only way to get rid of the headache is to drink one of them, coffee doesn’t do it because it doesn’t have the same level of caffeine in it. It has gotten to the point where I know the price of every monster at every gas station down one of the main roads by my house, I can tell you where it’s the cheapest, where it’s the most, where you can get 4 packs or even 8 packs the cheapest, and so forth. I don’t even want to think about the amount of money my parents, my boyfriend and I have spent on this addiction. They have caused me to become light-headed and every morning for a while I used to wake up to the crazy pounding caffeine addicted headache. I have been told by constant doctors not to drink any of it and that it wasn’t even approved by the FDA. My doctor said and I quote, “Not being approved by the FDA is something sort of like taking a bucket putting water and dirt inside of it, slapping a name on it and trying to sell it in stores as a drink.” And.. I still give into the drink.

    My best advice: Don’t ever drink one. Don’t end up like me.

  11. Chub

    I agree with Casey! How could the Food & Drink Administration let this dangerous beverage loose on the market!? The FDA needs to more diligently regulate those DRINKS.

  12. Rob

    I’ve been drinking at least 6 a day for the last couple years! I actually can’t drink Monster anymore, not sure why exactly but when I do I feel sick. Lately I prefer Full Throttle citrus, been finding them 2 for 2.50 at my closest gas station! Not sure if they really even work on me anymore but can’t seem to go without!

  13. Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a casting producer for the TLC show “Freaky Eaters.” We’re currently looking for ADULTS ADDICTED TO ENERGY DRINKS for Season 2 of the show.

    For more info or to nominate someone, please send an email to with your name, age, number, and brief description of your daily consumption of energy drinks/caffeine.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  14. peterjsullivan

    Sorry Rebecca. I’ve recently kicked this habit. Your show sounds awesome though.

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