KFC’s New Marketing = FAIL

It has been brought to my attention, by the master mind Nicole, that KFC’s new marketing campaign is just plain dumb. And when I say dumb I mean really dumb. Like dumb on multiple levels. First off lets try and grasp the idea that they are now selling grilled chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken. How is this ok? Isn’t this called cannibalization? But I’m over it. Moving on…

Now lets add in their promotional microsite and marketing tagline. The tag is “UnThink What You Thought About KFC.”  Why even say anything negative about your other products or old offering? You don’t see Diet Pepsi trashing regular Pepsi and calling it fattening. It just doesn’t make sense. The kicker though is the URL for this promotional site which is www.unthinkfc.com. Ok Ok, so they are trying to get us to think that KFC is healthier now. I can dig it. But then they go and share the ‘K’ from Think and the ‘K’ from KFC in the website address. This spells and reads UnThin KFC. UnThin is the exact opposite idea of what they are going for. I think they UnThought this whole marketing campaign… 


Even Oprah is promoting this… 



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4 responses to “KFC’s New Marketing = FAIL

  1. Lucas

    imagine the amount of money that went into that marketing campaign. honestly, i do not recall when the last time i had KFC. I think maybe 18 yrs or so ago.

  2. Shame too, could be delicious under the right circumstances.

    Whats even worse is my above tag line is still better than theirs…

  3. silverbacks like fried chicken

  4. Steve

    I agree. When “Pizza Hut” came up with their “We’re coming back for good,” an effort to turn the tide/apologize over negative perception of PH with consumer, they quickly altered it to simply “we’re coming back.” Negatives are too…well, negative.

    And, with the recent dim-witted Oprah free coupon fiasco, “Unthink KFC” is going to have a whole new meaning to consumers, such as myself, who were stiffed when trying to redeem their coupons.

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