“Ode to My Toothbrush”

“Ode to My Toothbrush”

By now you’ve heard the rumors. My abuse, my negligence. It’s true. I’m sorry. We are cruel giants, manipulative of your appliance. Baby, lets relish the now. Do it once more. I applaud your lonely charity. Under the artificial light you seem blue and brainless. But you’re not. At 7 o’clock when I wake I think of you. I don’t dare utter a single word without your treatment. I want to yank you from your wet chamber, and dress you in some fluoride compound. I can hear it now, the soft sound of falling water and you doing my dirty work. Up and down, Back and forth. Back and forth, in my mouth. My hand on your body, guiding, working through it together. The positions I put you in… You are an apology in my hand. Ultimately, I know you just want to keep me smiling. This craving, it’s a compulsion I can’t just wash down the drain. But it’s not just in the morning that I think to you. Just before I go to bed, when I get that urge, that taste in my mouth. You are a necessity to me. Can’t you see? Your long body, strong bristles, you have a grip about you. I promise, you’ll never slip from my hands. 

by Peter Sullivan


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